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What our clients say about us

We take pride in the work that we do, and value each and every one of our customers. Below are some of our clients’ testimonials.

As expected, the quality of the work was impeccable, installation was straightforward, and we were finally able to ditch the trailer full of tools and a spare transmission. […]

With Houseman Autosport’s gearset, we were finally able to be the first full-weight SHO to break the 12 second barrier in the quarter mile with a 12.93 @ 113 No traction […]

Houseman Autosport’s gearset finally made the car fun to drive again, and that’s what its all about!

Joshua TeixeiraSHO NUT Performance
[…] The past couple years we have destroyed several factory boxes, and as many of you know, parts are getting almost impossible to find, with many parts nonexistent. We needed to go in a new direction. With Houseman, I believe we have found it.

We recently ran at Watking Glen with our new gear box from Jamie Houseman. Completely custom made, using a Nissan Comp. box casing. After approximately 10 hours of hard running, the new box shows no sign of any wear, shifts better than anything we have use in the past. Even with our new motor well over 300hp and shifting at 8,500 RPM. The Houseman box performed flawlessly.

David Dutko and Paul HenkInnovator Race Technology
I have been a completely satisfied customer of Houseman Autosport for over eight years now, having driven several cars with different styles of gearboxes from Jamie’s shop. Every gearbox has shifted flawlessly and precisely, with gear sets and final drives that matched the courses perfectly. Every gearbox has finished the task I have put upon it without any problem 100% reliability.

I have watched Jamie’s engineering expertise be applied to gearboxes with new and innovative designs. From material selection to gear cutting to heat treating the total process is well thought out and controlled to perfection. Being a Mechanical and Systems Engineer myself, I can tell you that Jamie runs a service that matches the top gearbox manufacturers in the world.

Thanks for a SCCA National Championship! I am ready to go get another one!!

Kirk B Olson
Jamie’s level of service was excellent throughout the process of figuring out what ratio was well suited to my car and driving needs. Normally in the import world when someone says they will custom make something for you, it always ends up being delayed for much longer. This was not the case with Jamie, he told me it would take 6 weeks to make, and he actually had it done in 5. When it came time for me to send in my countershaft with gear for installation of the new countershaft, Jamie had received, installed the gears onto the new countershaft and sent the parts back to me in the same day. That’s what I call service. […]

Driving the car with the new final drive gave new meaning to acceleration. The motor goes through the revs very quickly now. On the autocross course, I was able to get into VTEC and stay in there much easier as well as being able to recover much more speed coming out of the corners. Houseman’s work on my car has helped greatly, and I would recommend their parts to others.

Sun DangSeattle, WA